JULY 30 DAVID AND THE ARK (2 Samuel 6)

Study Questions

1. What was the mission on which David and his men went to Baalah of Judah? (6:1-2)
2. How was the ark being transported from the house of Abinadab? (6:3-5) What
prompted Uzzah to reach out and hold onto the ark? (6:6) 3. How did God judge Uzzah’s action of reaching out for the ark? (6:7) Why was Uzzah’s action irreverent even though he was trying to protect the ark? In what ways can we become subtly irreverent in our behavior before God?
4. What was David’s reaction to the death of Uzzah? (6:8-10) What persuaded David to go back for the ark after three months? (6:11-12)
5. How was the public procession handled differently the second time? (6:13) What was the mood of David and the people as they transported the ark? (6:14-15)
6. How did Michal react when she saw David dancing before the Lord? (6:16) Why do you think was Michal so upset by David’s behavior in the procession? How did Michal respond to David when he returned home after the celebration? (6:20)
7. What was David’s attitude about the way in which he had worshiped God? (6:21-22) What became of Michal after this incident in which she "despised" David? (6:23)
8. How can we combine proper reverence before God with unparalleled joy and celebration?

MEMORY VERSE (5 minutes)

2Sa 6:14 And David danced before the LORD with all his might. And David was wearing a linen ephod.

Questions Adapted from Serendipity Bible for Groups and Adult Questions for LESSONmaker.


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