The Death of Absalom and David's Grief

OCTOBER 1st - The Death of Absalom and David's Grief (2 Samuel 18-19)

Study Questions

1. Why did David want his army to "be gentle with the young man Absalom?” (18:5)
2. Howdidthelocationofthebattleaddauniqueelementtothefighting?(18:6-8) What happened to Absalom just as he encountered David’s men? (18:9)
3. How did the soldier explain his reasons for not killing Absalom on the spot? (18:12- 13) How did Joab make sure that Absalom was not taken alive? (18:14-15) Why do you suppose Joab chose to ignore David’s plea and killed Absalom himself?
4. What became of Absalom and of the Israelite army? (18:16-17) What was David’s response to the news of the death of his son? (18:33) Why was David’s reaction confusing and disheartening to his followers? (19:1-4)
5. What did Joab warn would happen if David didn’t encourage the troops? (19:5-7) What did David do in response to Joab’s urgings? (19:8) What are some responsibilities that you need to fulfill despite how you feel?
6. If you had previously backed Absalom, why would you now reconfirm David as king? (19:9-11) What about David’s appeal would secure your vote of confidence? (19:11-13)
7. What was the attitude of Shimei, who had cursed David on his way out of the city? (19:19-20) What promise did David make to Shimei? (19:23)
8. How is mercy more conducive to building a strong consensus than vengeance?
9. What’s most difficult for you when it comes to granting mercy?

MEMORY VERSE (5 minutes)

2Sa 19:23 And the king said to Shimei, “You shall not die.” And the king gave him his oath.

Questions Adapted from Serendipity Bible for Groups and Adult Questions for LESSONmaker.


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